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Claire performing acupuncture at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland
Cupping Therapy at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Empowering Women's Health Through 

Experience Holistic Healing at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Whether you need support with women’s health issues (menstrual, fertility, pregnancy or peri-menopause) or other health concerns; discover your individual path to wellness with me. 

Claire from Bloom Acupuncture Auckland smiling at the camera

Welcome to
Bloom Acupuncture

We're passionate about bringing balance back to the body through holistic approaches. We provide techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, and dietary and lifestyle advice to help our clients achieve better wellbeing.

Our approach is based on the natural practice of traditional Chinese medicine which has developed over thousands of years; with a modern application. Having a wide use, it may help relieve pain, assist with women's health and fertility, as well as reduce other symptoms such as insomnia or headaches.

Imagine What it Would be Like if...

Tuina Massage at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

You could finally live your life pain-free with better sleep and energy.

A couple holding a pregnant stomach

Your body was in the best physical and hormonal state to allow conception.

A pregnant woman's stomach at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Your pregnancy was more joyful, than hard-work.

Woman holding her stomach

Your cycle was regular and symptom-free.



Please note, testimonials have been edited to take out mention of successfully treating conditions,

as it is against Section 58 of the New Zealand Health Act to include this.

"Claire was a dream to work with throughout my pregnancy. She is warm and inviting and explains everything in detail so you feel supported and well looked after. The sessions were relaxing and we focused on pregnancy aches and pains. I highly recommend Claire!"


- Ella

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