About Us

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We're Passionate About Wellbeing

Our acupuncturist, Claire Solomon, is very experienced in delivering acupuncture treatment. She is trained in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She has a strong interest in women’s health, using acupuncture to help balance women throughout whatever phase or stage they are in – whether it be menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy or menopause.


Claire also loves using this wonderful modality to help men and women with other health concerns, such as digestion, headaches, insomnia or musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Her passion for acupuncture developed through personal use with fertility and Claire has since embraced the holistic nature of Chinese medicine in a desire to help others with their health and wellbeing.

Claire holds a Bachelors in Health Science (Acupuncture), is a member of Acupuncture NZ (a New Zealand register of acupuncturists) and is a registered ACC treatment provider.



"Claire was a dream to work with throughout my pregnancy. She is warm and inviting and explains everything in detail so you feel supported and well looked after. The sessions were relaxing and kept aches and pains away so I could move freely and comfortably while growing a small human. I highly recommend Claire!"

- Ella

We Offer A Wide Range of Services

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Ten or so extremely thin, single-use pre-sterilised needles may be inserted into the body at specific acupuncture points. This helps Qi and blood flow smoothly around the body.

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Gua sha

Rose quartz boards are rubbed on the skin to release tension or knots, helping with muscle pain. It is also a wonderful way to invigorate the face.

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Cups can be applied to the body to help relieve tension or stagnation. They create a vacuum, sucking up the skin, and can be left in one place or moved around to give a relaxing massage effect.


The Chinese style of massage. Many different hand techniques can be used to help relieve muscle pain, as well as help other complaints. (It is used in conjunction with acupuncture, not as a stand-alone treatment).


Moxibustion (Moxa)

Moxa (a herb called Ai Ye or Mugwort) is burnt to create heat. This heat is applied indirectly over acupuncture points to help with healing. It is generally found to be very warming and relaxing.

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Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Chinese Medicine needs to be supported by a good diet and lifestyle, otherwise symptoms are likely to reoccur. Therefore advice can be given in these areas when beneficial.

What To Expect... A Holistic, Individualised Approach

Every patient is different and requires varied treatments, so we work closely with you to discover how we will best benefit you.

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A patient intake form and consent form will be emailed to you. Please fill this out prior to your appointment.

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Eating Prior

Please ensure you have eaten some food in the 1 to 2 hours (but not 30 minutes) prior to your appointment. Some people can feel faint after treatment if they have not eaten before-hand.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (55 minutes)

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  • We will have a comprehensive discussion about your health history and main health concern/s. Some questions may seem unrelated, but when treating with traditional Chinese medicine, we look at the body as a whole. Every body is unique, so every treatment will be tailored to you.

  • We will complete examinations such as looking at your tongue and taking your pulse, as well as taking your blood pressure and any physical tests necessary.

  • A 20-30 minute acupuncture treatment will be given.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing where possible, as we may need to insert needles at a variety of points around your body, not just where you are experiencing the symptom/s.

  • Please bring any reports or scans relevant to your health concern with you.

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Follow-up Consultation and Treatment (40 minutes)

  • We will discuss the effects of the previous treatment and the progression of the health concern.

  • A 20-30 minute acupuncture treatment will be given.

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$95   Initial consultation (55 mins)              


$85   Follow-up consultation (40 mins)

$55   Cupping (30 mins)

$45   ACC Initial consultation (55 mins)

$40   ACC Follow-up consultation (40 mins)