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Infertility Acupuncture

Close up of acupuncture session at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Fertility Acupuncture

At Bloom Acupuncture, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for our patients. Our practitioner Claire understands from personal experience how stressful the fertility journey can be, and so provide support where possible.


Many of us spend years, or decades, trying not to get pregnant. Then when we do start trying to conceive, a very loud ticking clock can be heard. With growing rates of fertility issues (1 in 4 New Zealanders experience trouble conceiving), months or years can pass by with no results. When all you want is a baby, but it just isn't happening – it can become soul-crushing and all-consuming.

Fertility and Acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture treatment at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Traditional Chinese medicine and fertility acupuncture looks at boosting your fertility by focusing on the whole body. We work with you to regulate your menstrual cycle, doing everything we can to encourage egg health and ensure a good supply of blood to the uterus around and after ovulation.

Sperm health is also part of the jigsaw, so we can work with partners to improve sperm quality. Egg and sperm health is determined from approximately three months before conception, so contact us or book online as soon as possible to start fertility treatment. Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine for fertility also may assist by reducing stress and reducing the chance of miscarriage.

IVF and Acupuncture

Bloom Acupuncture can work with couples engaged in IVF or other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), such as IUI. Acupuncture may be beneficial in increasing uterine blood flow, improving egg and sperm health, and reducing the stress around this process (cortisol is very detrimental to conception). Ideally, we would treat you for a few menstrual cycles before starting ART so your body is in the best shape possible. However, acupuncture for fertility is still beneficial if your ART is scheduled for the current cycle.

Fertility acupuncture at Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

What You Can Expect From Fertility Acupuncture

Bloom Acupuncture has a passion for helping women and couples through their fertility acupuncture journey.

  • The initial consultation reviews the fertility history of both partners. Please bring along any test results or BBT charting you have. We take an in-depth look at your menstrual cycle, health and surgical history, and any symptoms that may be occurring. This information is used to determine a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, which is then used to structure your treatment.

  • Treatment can involve acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

  • Treatments occur weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, and should start around day six of your cycle and continue until about one week before your period is due. As this is a natural fertility treatment, it may require months of treatment to see results. Good things can take time.

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