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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Support Your Health Journey With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine from Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

Natural products from microbes and plants have been the biggest resource for drug creation in modern medicine. That is because natural products have such amazing healing properties. Traditional Chinese Medicine has grown out of centuries of empirical use of natural products, such as plants, nuts, seeds and fruits, and more recently have been supported or improved through modern scientific research.

When treating conditions or issues such as infertility, headaches or digestive issues, to name a few, supplementing acupuncture treatment with Chinese Medicine can be so very important. The herbs continue to help rebalance your system between acupuncture treatments. Further, they address the root cause of your health concern, not just the symptoms, thereby having longer term effects.

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Work?

There are classic formulas, which were developed thousands of years ago, and modern formulas that are more recently introduced. Each formula is made up of a collection of special Chinese herbs that aim to treat the root cause of a disharmony and reduce symptoms or issues, bringing balance back to the body. The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that the formulas can be tailor-made to you and your health concerns. Herbs that aren’t needed can be taken out, and if extra herbs are needed, they can be added in. I make up each formula specific to you and your needs. How cool is that? Please ensure you advise your practitioner of any allergies or diet restrictions, for example gluten or nut allergies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine from Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

How Do I Take the Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine from Bloom Acupuncture Auckland

For the most part, my herbs are given in powder form. You simply mix the powder with warm water and swallow. Twice per day. Just like food, every herb has a different taste. Therefore, every prescription will taste different. Some can be bitter and strong, while others are very mild. If needed, you can take them with juice or honey.

Chinese Medicine is a powerful addition to your health journey.  

Fertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine

When looking for fertility support, it is essential that we combine acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (unless you are going through IVF). We look into the root cause of your infertility through consultation, and then use acupuncture to help improve the balance of the physical body to enhance fertility, while the herbs do the same job, but can add extra nutrients to support egg and sperm health, and support conception.

Pregnant woman's stomach getting acupuncture
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