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What is Cupping or Cupping Therapy?

Claire cupping a pregnant ladies lower back for pain relief

Cupping, or cupping therapy, is when glass, plastic or silicone suction cups are applied to various parts of the body. The cups create a vacuum that gently suctions up the skin, lifting connective tissues. The cups can be left in specific positions, or oil can be applied to the skin and the cups can be glided over the area, having a very relaxing massage effect. With static cupping, you will often get circular marks that resemble bruises due to the increased blood flow to the area. This is a normal part of cupping therapy and helps with the rehabilitation of the site by bringing nutrients for healing. The marks are not painful like normal bruises, and they will disappear within a few days.

Benefits of a Cupping Therapy

When static cupping or cupping massage is used, connective tissues are lifted.

Due to this, the benefits of cupping include:

  • Increased circulation: Cupping therapy encourages the flow of blood and lymph to the area, bringing with it essential minerals and nutrients. This may help with healing, numbness and possibly scar tissue appearance and lack of sensation.

  • Relieve pain and relax tight muscles: Do you suffer from aches and pain throughout your body due to tight muscles, or perhaps you have had an injury? Cupping can help loosen adhesions and stiff muscles.

  • Reduce stress: Massages of any kind, such as cupping massage, helps relax the tissues and muscles of the body, allowing the person's parasympathetic nervous system to take over. This has the effect of reducing stress and tension, allowing you to get on with your day in a happier, more relaxed way.

Claire at Bloom Acupuncture cupping the upper back of a patient for back pain

Schedule Your Appointment for Cupping

If you're looking for a way to help relieve tension throughout your body or address specific pain points, please consider booking an appointment at Bloom Acupuncture in Auckland. You can book a stand-alone cupping session, or cupping can easily be added into an acupuncture session.

Our trained acupuncturist collaborates with you to determine the areas of your body that cause you the most pain and work on a plan to alleviate it.


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