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The Zero Trimester - Fertility Preparation

When trying to get pregnant the Zero Trimester is SOOO important…. But what is it?

Women holding her lower abdomen thinking of fertility

It is a good three months of nurturing yourselves (both partners) before trying to conceive. We can affect our egg and sperm quality for about three months before the body releases them. So, it is a crucial window where you can have a great effect on your fertility.

While I totally understand the goal of getting pregnant as soon as possible, especially if you have been trying for a long time, reframing it to a goal of getting pregnant with the healthiest embryo possible, can be game-changing. There are areas you can address right now.


Diet is therefore a major consideration in this step of your fertility journey. Adopting a Mediterranean style diet is the best approach to gaining the most nutrients possible. Focus on whole foods: rainbows of vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, chicken, small amounts of red meat, and good fats (e.g olive oil, avocados). Organic and/or free-range if possible. Cut out processed foods and sugar to enhance hormone production and balance insulin resistance. Cut gluten and dairy to reduce inflammation in your system if you have existing intolerances. Warm water should be your main drink of choice to aid digestion and keep you hydrated. But it can be supplemented with herbal teas, such as green tea, to help the liver process and detox any nasties in your system.

Not only will this help the quality of eggs and sperm, it will also buffer up the woman’s store of nutrients. Pregnant women are the source of all nutrients for a growing fetus, so building up your nutrient stores over these three months will help contribute to the growth of your baby if you fall pregnant.


Exercise is also important. Women shouldn’t get too hot when trying to conceive, so best to stick to walking, yoga, pilates or weights, rather than running or cardio. These more gentle exercises also contribute to mindfulness and de-stressing, which is also really important when trying to conceive. For men, to get the testosterone flowing, lifting weights is the best form of exercise. But running is fine too.

Mindfulness and Self-care

This will mean different things to different people. For some, exercise is their zen-place, for others it is meditating or walking barefoot on grass or sand. Whatever it is that centres you in the now, letting the daily stresses fall away – practice that as often as you can. Stress is a potent enemy of fertility – it affects our sleep, digestion, hormones, and therefore it can affect our ability to fall pregnant.

No one can guarantee a successful conception/pregnancy, but we can certainly make great in-roads in getting you into the best physical and mental position to do so.

Eat well, exercise well, and de-stress as much as possible.

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