Women's Health

We Support All Phases In Women's Health

Our focus is on women's health, assisting with optimal balance in general, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy and labour, and menopause.

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Women frequently engage acupuncture for aches and pains. The pain could vary from mild abdominal cramping to severe endometriosis related pain, as well as cycle-related lower back pain or headaches.


Traditional Chinese medicine and infertility acupuncture looks at boosting your fertility by focusing on the body. We work with you to regulate your menstrual cycle, encourage egg health and a good supply of blood to the uterus around and after ovulation.

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Acupuncture during pregnancy may be helpful in reducing or stopping symptoms, such as morning sickness. Your first concern might be whether a treatment is safe for you and your baby. The answer is yes, when treatment is given by a properly trained acupuncturist.


Menopause can affect your daily life. Our menopause treatments consider you as a whole, approaching therapy in a positive, mind-body, holistic way. We aim to assist you through this phase, reducing your symptoms as much as possible.